Knit Converse Chuck Taylors Are A Shoe-In, Even With Dogs

BlueAndRedCows knit a pair of Chucks and shares the pattern too.

Clearly, these shoes are dog approved — and not (just) for chewing.

I don’t knit (yet), so I’m not sure if this is the same pattern or not… And I wonder if they could be modified for these Converse shoes?

If you also haven’t (yet) learned to knit, check out handmade knitted sneakers by Katie at Pretty Sneaky where you can find Converse Chuck Taylor high tops hand knit in many designs and patterns, including the classic pirate skull and crossbones.

Or maybe you’re more of a robot lover?

Don’t worry; if you can’t find your size, she’ll make them in your size — just for you.

Katie’s sneakers are made a bit differently; the handknit uppers are stitched over the original shoe. I’d imagine this helps the shoes keep their shape better.

No word on whether or not dogs love them just as much.

Eat Your Strawberry Shortcake & Keep It Too

There are a lot of Wilton Strawberry Shortcake cake pans or molds on eBay, many are even authentic retro items. But we’re the only one with the Strawberry Shortcake Cake Decorating Kit by Wilton.

Included in the box is the heavy aluminum foil Strawberry Shortcake pan and the complete instructions for baking and decorating, which has three variations for decorating: Strawberry Shortcake with a letter, with a greeting card (likely for Valentine’s Day), and with a gift.

Box measures roughly 15 x 12 inches; foil pan is about 14 inches tall (outside edges). Copyright date is 1982, American Greeting Corp.

Pom-Pon Girl


Remember, ponchos can be skirts!

Coats & Clark’s book #207, Shawls & Ponchos, crochet, knit, hairpin lace; copyright 1971, second edition.

Love it? Need it? If you’re in the Us or Canada, you can buy it from me. Otherwise, check eBay.


PS I just love that a pom-pon or pom-pom is defined as “a decorative ball of fluff.”

Something To Match His Keyboard Tie

Why have regular epaulets when you can wear a sparkly keyboard? This retro sparkly vest has black & white piano keys across the back and sticking out on the shoulders and, because that would be too subtle, silver beaded music notes down the front. It’s totally 80s!

Images via Spitfire Vintage Clothing.