Vintage Shoe From Puerto Rico?

You’ve seen the old classic t-shirts making fun of a family member going somewhere and only bringing back a lousy tee-shirt (which brings to mind this great twist on the joke), but you may not laugh at the shirts after seeing this gem.

A small wooden shoe or sandal, with a crocheted vamp, marked “Puerto Rico”. Perhaps an odd little souvenir, especially with a trio of holes (presumably to hold pencils?), but the real kicker is the sicker on the bottom… Made in the Philippines.

Pirate Boot-y

A vintage photograph of Alice White, taken by Elmer Fryer in 1929. Here White wears the stunning boots and costume of a pirate girl as she wore in the opening musical sequence of the pre-code musical Playing Around.

Knit Converse Chuck Taylors Are A Shoe-In, Even With Dogs

BlueAndRedCows knit a pair of Chucks and shares the pattern too.

Clearly, these shoes are dog approved — and not (just) for chewing.

I don’t knit (yet), so I’m not sure if this is the same pattern or not… And I wonder if they could be modified for these Converse shoes?

If you also haven’t (yet) learned to knit, check out handmade knitted sneakers by Katie at Pretty Sneaky where you can find Converse Chuck Taylor high tops hand knit in many designs and patterns, including the classic pirate skull and crossbones.

Or maybe you’re more of a robot lover?

Don’t worry; if you can’t find your size, she’ll make them in your size — just for you.

Katie’s sneakers are made a bit differently; the handknit uppers are stitched over the original shoe. I’d imagine this helps the shoes keep their shape better.

No word on whether or not dogs love them just as much.