Mod Telephone Bag Purse To Go With Your Go-Go Boots

Whenever we show you these telephone purses, you always like them — usually about two days after the auction/sale ends. Which is just one more reason you should be stopping at Kitschy Kitschy Coo several times a day.

Retro white telephone handbag, via phantomandchristine.

Dress-Up Dolls Fit To Be Knit

Photographs of vintage fashion dolls wearing homemade knit fashions scanned from Virginia Lakin’s Petite Bazaar Knitting Book Three (1963).

If you live in the US or Canada and love it, you can buy this vintage booklet from me; or you can check eBay.


PS Keep an eye on Craft Scan Fridays for one or two of the patterns to be posted.

Puffin Her Shirt Out

The seller says it’s a penguin on this retro sweatshirt, but I was so certain it was a puffin that I called hubby over for his bird’s eye view and opinion.

“Puffin or penguin?” I asked.

“Puffin,” he replied with nary a pause.

“That’s what I said!” I squealed.

“Although…” he began,  pontificating on the origin of the word puffin (or was it penguin?) so before my eyes began to glaze over (I have been up all night, you know) I told him to go post his own blog.

It hardly seems fitting for Latin origins of animal species to be beside jokes about female bust lines.

Then again, there’s probably nothing right about joking about female bust lines.

But that shirt asked for it.

The New Krofft Supershow Comic #2

Fan of The New Krofft Supershow? Here’s the Whitman comic, #2. Front cover with photos is copyrighted 1977; but the title page is dated May 1978.

Inside, the comic stories feature Magic Mongo, Kaptain Kool & The Kongs, Bigfoot & Wildboy, and Wonderbug. Tons of retro ads.

If you live in the US or Canada, you can buy it from me for $9.99 (plus shipping) — or take your chances at eBay

The Ultimate 80s Shoe

Maybe you weren’t alive and kickin’ it in the 80’s, but I was and I can assure you, both as a chick and a shoe seller at that time, that these shoes would have been flying off store shelves. Nearly every girl (and a great number of the boys) had a big — over-sized with padded shoulders — flannel shirt with such a “plaid” on it. Usually it was a bright or neon color with black, but sometimes white, off white, and pastels were married to the black too. And these slouchy flats with granny-esque buttons would have been awesome, baby.

Just think of the possibilities… Wearing your purple & black flannel under an over-sized turquoise shaker-knit sweater over black leggings, belted even, with a pair of these hot pink booties! Ah, that’s how it was done, dears. So if you want to take your retro style to the max, get these. Frankie says, “Relax, they’re on sale for just $19.99.” Sale found via Shop It To Me.