The Appliance Ball

Kitchen appliance costume balls were serious business in the 1930s.   You didn’t show up dressed half-heartedly or ironically.  Well, unless you wanted to be funny and dress as an iron and call yourself ironic, but that might still get you kicked out.   See more of the modern machinery of the 1930s here.


Modern Woman Mondays: The Canister Vac That Can’t

No matter the suction of this mod canister vacuum, it can’t clean up all the pattern clutter in this vintage photo. Via.

Modern Woman Mondays: Oil Is Cleaner Than Coal

A page from a vintage advertising booklet for Timken Silent Automatic Wall-Flame Oil Burners — oil heated furnaces. (Timken Silent Automatic Division, Rockwell Spring & Axel Company, Jackson, Michigan and Toronto, Canada; copyright 1953. Form/publication number A-D 688R 50M-9-53; ink stamp for Jensen’s Heating Service, Moorhead, Minnesota, on back. Available from us at eBay.)

Modern Woman Mondays Covered In (Comment) Ketchup

Jim sent a comment clarifying The Unknown Comic – Artist:

It’s a play on the single panel comic series “Right Around Home” by Dudley Fisher. More than likely, he did the ad himself.

Thanks, Jim!

The Stove Will Come Out, Tomorrow

That’s what I was singing in my head when I spotted this vintage Little Orphan Annie metal toy stove at an auction. Yeah, hubby prefers I keep such things to myself — which is why I was only singing in my head. But isn’t that what blogging’s for?

Given what I see at eBay, this toy was made by Marx.

Man, I love Marx toys.  …Maybe I can find a way to work them into the chorus! Because now that song is most definitely back in my head.