A Family Like Servants

The seller of these vintage embroidered kitchen towels describes them thus:

Vintage servant’s doing their domestic jobs are embroidered on white cotton dish towels. Features Suzette the maid, Charlie the laundry, Brooks the butler and Matt the gardner.

Frankly, I don’t seem them as towels for the servants — but towels for the family. Each family member has their own chores and their own hand towels to remind them of them. As a mom, I say that a lack of use of one’s towel signifies either no chores were done, or no clean up afterwards. Or that Charlie’s really on top of the laundry. But not even a Chinese laundry man can wash the racism off that towel.

All Perked-Up Over You

This vintage school kid valentine features aluminum kitchenalia getting all steamy over Valentine’s Day.

The bottom ends are to be folded so the card can stand up. No maker markings, just Made in U.S.A. and 754/14; 3 1/2 inches tall.