Hats Off To The Gun-Toting Cookie

I love cookie cutters, so it kinda kills me to sell this vintage aluminum one depicting a cowboy — or a soldier. The guns say “cowboy”, but the hat says, well, I’m not sure what… In any case, it’s no wonder folks can’t catch the gingerbread man — he’s packin’ heat! Another pic here. Keep up with more of what we sell here and here.

gun toting vintage cookie cutter

2 thoughts on “Hats Off To The Gun-Toting Cookie”

  1. It sure could be, Amy. The longer I look at it, that’s what I see… But the guns still look like 6-shooters out the old west, Of course, I don’t know what guns police officers carried at the time this cookie cutter was made. Either way, there’s no badge or sheriff’s star or whatnot. But the hat looks more and more like a cop’s hat… Do we look for a gingerbread fireman next?

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