Be Careful What You Wish For

Weeks later, I get a surprise in my auction lot box: a giant spoon and fork.

How can a giant set of utensils surprise someone? Let me count the ways…

#1 by being at the very bottom of the box;

#2 by not being made of wood (they’re plaster with faux wood grain painting).

You’d that this would only further thrill this lover of kitsch, but…

In this case 1 + 2 = the previously repaired (glued) pieces were damaged too much to actually hang on the wall. And heaven knows I can’t afford any horizontal space to store them on.

When Spoons Can’t Spoon

They become shakers.

A pair of vintage salt & pepper shakers that look like spoons, or, because they are ceramic, like spoon rests. They are concave; not eggs. Usually a spoon is paired with a fork in these vintage anthropomorphic utensil S & P sets… So it seems an odd pair. Even for the oddity that is anthropomorphic silverware. But at least Mr. & Mrs. Spoon each have their own spoon and fork.