When Spoons Can’t Spoon

They become shakers.

A pair of vintage salt & pepper shakers that look like spoons, or, because they are ceramic, like spoon rests. They are concave; not eggs. Usually a spoon is paired with a fork in these vintage anthropomorphic utensil S & P sets… So it seems an odd pair. Even for the oddity that is anthropomorphic silverware. But at least Mr. & Mrs. Spoon each have their own spoon and fork.

Poor Kitty Comment Ketchup

People are still talking at/about our previous kitschy posts, despite the inability for comments to be published, but with Comment Ketchup, we try to keep the extra zest.

Anonymous at Well, At Least The Cat’s Eyes Are Closed:

I think the little petes stickers was from my grandfathers old pottery shop and I think the tail for the puppy used to be air freshener or something. I will ask my mom for sure.

Modern Woman Monday: What Little Girls Want For Christmas In The 50s

From the Aldens Fall and Winter catalog (1957-58), “Girls’ Jr. Homemaking Toys — Let her learn to do things all by herself.”

The Marx Toys three piece kitchen set, stove, sink and refrigerator, $4.99. The Jr. Coca-Cola Dispenser, $2.79.