As Seen On Haunted Collector?

The only thing scarier than a clown is SyFy’s Haunted Collector — and Haunted Collector is stupider. If you watched the first episode, you saw this cookie jar — Boo!

(Sorry, my vintage pottery McCoy clown cookie jar has been sold.)


Don’t worry, people: they’re not real teeth.   Who’d snuggle with a toy that had real human teeth in it?  Insanity.  No, these are fake teeth, which makes them all the more lovable.  Just look at that face: don’t you just want to cuddle with it all night long, tucked in soundly next to your sleeping body, watching over you all through the darkness of night?

Fugglers, the stuffed animal with real teeth

According to this forum post, Mrs McGettrick saw somebody selling a bag of fake teeth on eBay, and wondered who’d buy such a thing.  Nobody can explain how she became the highest bidder.  Of course, the next logical step is to install them into Ugly-Doll-looking things, and then call them Fugglers.

Tobacciana’s A Real Scream

An antique brass cigar cutter with a face that perhaps expresses the horrors of smoking?

This beautifully bizarre art deco brass cigar cutter measures approximately 3 x 1-3/4 inches. How it works is by inserting the cigr tip into the open mouth of the bat-eared gargoyle-esque man, push his chin down, and a small blade cuts the tip off. The back slides open to remove the tips. Circa 1920s or 30s.

Keeping The Kids Busy Can Be A Real Horror

Kids bored? Are you bored? Get ready to cut & paste! Baking With Medusa presents Things to Make and Do With Boris Karloff, Project Number Two: No-Clothespin Theater, featuring the windmill scene from Frankenstein/Bride of Frankenstein.