Oh No! The Baby Swallowed My Matches, How Will I Recover

By borrowing a light from some guy, I guess. And thank heavens they found away to take care of my lips while I smoke! Excellent priorities, Mom.

A lovely vintage cigarette ad (1938) for Benson & Hedges Corn Tipped Virginia Rounds; via Lileks “Link” Tumblr. (Yes, I do have a Tumblr account I use now and then.)

Got A Light?

You will with fun-tastic lamps by CreativePal! Check out the Hollywood Finger Cigarette Ring Custom TV Lamp and Bobs Chocolate Candy Cigarette Box Lamp! No vintage things were harmed; graphics were scanned and recreated to create these gems. (PS You may also want to see my old post on candy cigarettes.)

(Vintage) Boys Behaving Badly

Perhaps it’s because years of leafing through vintage magazines has left me rather immune to (at least the original) shock of seeing babies sucking on pipes and nursing from other tobacco sources (well, that and the knowledge that kids with tobacco is prevalent in other places) that I’m struck more by the second image…

Taken only in 1986, it’s difficult to recall a world in which such photos — taken in as film and processed, yet — would not result in a visit from child protective services.

Photos found via adski kafeteri at LJ.

Modern Woman Mondays: Labor Day Edition

We’ve come a long way, baby, trading in that typewriter for a personal computer, going from skirts to slacks… Of course we’ve also lost the freedom to smoke and fill-out our sweaters. Fair trade? Meh.

Tobacciana’s A Real Scream

An antique brass cigar cutter with a face that perhaps expresses the horrors of smoking?

This beautifully bizarre art deco brass cigar cutter measures approximately 3 x 1-3/4 inches. How it works is by inserting the cigr tip into the open mouth of the bat-eared gargoyle-esque man, push his chin down, and a small blade cuts the tip off. The back slides open to remove the tips. Circa 1920s or 30s.