Remember Candy Cigarettes?

Retro Yogi Bear Candy Cigs Do you remember candy cigs? As a kid I saw them all over. Ate them once, but they were horrid. Chalky with a hint of mint. Maybe that was by design? So kids wouldn't smoke?

But no, it can't be that they were terrible on purpose. That doesn't make sense from the candy maufacturer's point of view. They'd want more sales. (It's not like the anti-smoking league was that strong back then, and they weren't paying for the candy as part of their mission.)

Candy Sticks Today Yet they still make them today.

Sure, they aren't called cigarettes, just candy sticks. But damn if they aren't the same thing. Likely the same horrid taste too.

I was dying to get a pack just to see if they still had the one red end, to look like the cig's cherry... But then what to do with them? Toss them out? Eat them? I don't love blogging that much.

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