Lenticular Jesus

A little video of the vintage religious kitsch piece we have for sale in our booth at Exit 55 Antiques (Fergus Falls, MN). We thought you would enjoy the lenticular action of the 3-D holographic Jesus better this way. (And, yes, that cord you see means this piece has its own lighting — the bulb is beneath that extra layer of ornate golden filigree fame at the top of the picture. Jesus literally lights the way.)


The Stovall: Good Old Fashioned Branding

A great vintage neon sign for the Stovall theater (Sayre, OK), posted by The Vintage Reader (another one is here). Note that along with the cowboy riding the bucking bronc, there’s a line of brands down the side of the sign closest to the building. (PS You would have seen this — and plenty more — had you been following my Tumblr.)

Got A Light?

You will with fun-tastic lamps by CreativePal! Check out the Hollywood Finger Cigarette Ring Custom TV Lamp and Bobs Chocolate Candy Cigarette Box Lamp! No vintage things were harmed; graphics were scanned and recreated to create these gems. (PS You may also want to see my old post on candy cigarettes.)