Pee Wee Herman’s A Softy

Since I’m supposed to keep this blog PG-13, I’m not going to say anything else other than all this handmade soft Pee Wee Herman goodness is available right now at Etsy!

Pee Wee felt finger puppet, freestanding embroidered and appliqued figure, felt pin, handmade doll — and you can even crochet your own Pee Wee with this pattern.

Streaking On A Plane

Love the 70s streaked hair. And the wide lapels. But neither as much as I love the stuffed dog being stowed away — and no kid in sight.  Being a stewardess flight attendant doesn’t look that difficult, Steven Slater.

Via The Cigarette Tree.

A Stern Warning For Kids Who Won’t Clean Their Rooms

Just one of Alissa Ross’s plush trophies on the wall — combined with a well-arched eyebrow — and kids might just take you seriously when you tell them to clean their rooms, “or the teddy gets it.”