The Love Skunk

A vintage pottery skunk presides over a heart-shaped candy dish — or, I suppose it may have been used as an ashtray, even if the “ruffled” edge isn’t quite the standard for ash trays….

Of interest, at least to nuts like me, is the fact that time was taken to paint (rather sloppily) the underside of the skunk’s tail yellow.

2 thoughts on “The Love Skunk”

  1. As a smitch, I remember going along with my Cousin Joanne to visit her Uncle Marce and Aunt Wilma (her Pop’s side of the family). I do recall a skunk such as this one at their place, prominently perched (by Aunt Willma’s hand) where ever Uncle Marce was, to catch his (YIKES! Smelly!–>) Tiparillo ashes. I rather liked being outdoors during visits to Uncle Marce and Aunt Wilma’s.

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