Certified Meats & Giants

Wilson & Co., originally meat packers, liked big things. Big sales and big people, like certifying giants. They certified Henry Hite, born Henry Marion Mullins in 1915, and put him intp sales promotion in stores and on promotional pieces for their certified meats. Hite also appeared on items dubbed as or promoting Wilson’s Corn King.

Dining With Dino At The Riviera

The memories — and souvenirs — of dining with Dean Martin at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas in the early 70s, which includes the hotel menu.

The price of a filet mignon was just $13.50.

I’m always nostalgic for supper clubs and Dean Martin — but upon viewing the Riviera’s menu I spot the salad dressings: Roquefort, Thousand Island or French Dressing. I miss the days of such salad dressing options… Now everything is ranch. Ugh.

My dreamy sighs for the old days now include an evening at the supper club, watching Dino and enjoying a rare filet mignon with a salad with thousand island dressing.

When I Was A Bachelor

When I Was A Bachelor, an odd old nursery rhyme from the Little Verses For Very Little People in The Book of Knowledge, circa 1910.

When I was a bachelor I lived by myself,
And all the meat I got I put upon a shelf;
The rats and mice did lead me such a life
That I went to London to get myself a wife.

The streets were so broad and the lanes were so narrow,
I could not get my wife home without a wheel-barrow;
The wheel-barrow broke, my wife got a fall,
Down tumbled wheel-barrow, little wife, and all.