Hay Wingo

Part of our back to school display is this teacher’s edition of Hay Wingo. (Clowns are terrifying by themselves; mix them with phonics and doh!) Our price is waaaaay lower than either Ebay or Amazon. So contact us directly or the shop at (218) 998-3088 (between 10 am & 5 pm everyday, Central Time) to snatch this one up!

hay wingo vintage school book

Kitschy Christmas Ornaments

Part of our December update, some of the vintage and retro Christmas tree ornaments we have for sale. These are mainly at our Exit 55 Antiques location, but more will be added to our Etsy store soon.

vintage ornaments from fair oaks antiques

kitschy wooden mouse ornaments

retro clown ornaments kitschy collectibles

Vintage Halloween Costumes

Some old costumes at Exit 55 Antiques in Fergus Falls, MN. The black one has orange pom-pons and cardboard pieces (jack-o-lanterns and crows) stuck to it. The traditional dotted clown costume is and truly terrifying because clowns are scary.

Zero The Clown

Learning math with Zero, a tricky clown. Page 82 in Study Arithmetics, Grade Three, by F.B. Knight, G.M. Ruch, J.W. Studebaker, W.C. Findley, and William S. Gray; published by Scott, Foresman and Company, last copyright date 1943. (See my article on on old school books and primers.)

This Is Where I’ll Be Found Dead

At Nevada’s Clown Motel. If you’re brave, or just foolish, check out Cheetah Velour’s post to see lots more frightening photos of the joint.

She also notes the following:

I realize that clowns make some people uneasy & that’s ok. I’m not judging. If you can’t handle looking at clowns, there is always the cemetery across the parking lot.

How conveeeenient.

As Seen On Haunted Collector?

The only thing scarier than a clown is SyFy’s Haunted Collector — and Haunted Collector is stupider. If you watched the first episode, you saw this cookie jar — Boo!

(Sorry, my vintage pottery McCoy clown cookie jar has been sold.)