A 1962 Bouffant Optical Illusion

When I first looked at this cover of the 1962 Christmas Recipes booklet, “To you, best ever, from” Wisconsin Power and Light Company, I thought the image was of one woman with a huge bouffant — or some furry hat. But apparently it’s a woman and her child.

Modern Woman Monday: Vintage Fifth Avenue Toilet Brushware

OK, so it’s not what you expected… But if you pronounce “toilet” in a frou-frou French way, you’ll be reminded that it’s intended meaning was not a bathroom fixture but rather the fixtures on a lady’s vanity.

Vintage women’s hair brush, comb and mirror sets from 1954 via Viva Vintage.

Clean Your Crumb-Catcher, Will Ya?

This mustache comb necklace, likely suitable for beards too, is a pendant on a chain — so you have a portable device for grooming those who forget to groom themselves. (Via Kitschy Living.)

Do Your Do Like The First Lady In 1962

I normally don’t even look at JFK stuff; everyone saved all their Kennedy stuff, so the Age Of Camelot memorabilia is quite common. But when I spotted this 1962 Dell Purse Book, # 4160, The Jacqueline Touch, I had to pick it up because it seemed so unique to me.

I was rewarded with six pages of “First Lady Dos” — which I now share with you!

Will Linda Lee Get A Campus Cuddle-Bun?

Back in 1961, readers voted on which style of hair Linda Lee, aka Supergirl, should have; the results of that poll, published in Adventure Comics #387, revealed that the favored hairstyle was Campus Cuddle-Bun — but they were still accepting ideas.

Streaking On A Plane

Love the 70s streaked hair. And the wide lapels. But neither as much as I love the stuffed dog being stowed away — and no kid in sight.¬† Being a stewardess flight attendant doesn’t look that difficult, Steven Slater.

Via The Cigarette Tree.