I’m Pretty Sure This Heralded The End Of American Fitness & Coordination

With the FlipIt, kids just threw stuff down on the ground, ending games of catch.

Ad found inside The New Krofft Supershow comic #2 (1978).

The Aliens Are Coming! (But Don’t Worry, They’re Bringing Their Own Giant Decapitated Heads)

Itty bitty flying saucers carrying giant human heads, why worry?

The cover of Night Of The Saucers by Eando Binder, author of Menace of the Saucers; published by Unibook, copyright 1971. Artists name is really difficult to make out… Perhaps John Cayon?

Text from the back cover:


It was Earth’s darkest hour. Weak, backward, prey to attack, it could only be saved by the Vigilantes. Sci-fi writer Thane Smith and his beautiful, adored wife Miribel, had the task of discrediting UFO stories. But how could they after they ran up against a playboy-monster who could only have been created by an alien race?

Yup, it’s just moved to the top of my reading pile.