Thank Gawd I Only Had $5 Left

Rummaging on Saturday, I spotted this huge black velvet painting of unicorns.

It was near the end of our day (as marked by the sums in our pockets), so I wasn’t able to buy it. Not that I wouldn’t love to have it, but since we already have problems with wall space — and we’re moving to a smaller house — I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it $35 worth. So if it had been, say, $5, I would have snapped it up and then wondered how to hang it from the ceiling or something. Ah, the blessings of unicorns.


When I spotted this vintage pink Tom Thumb cash register at the Moorhead Antique Mall, my bell was rung and I was instantly transported back to playing with a sooo-retro turquoise version…

Mainly that old toy cash register was used to ring up sales in the basement bar, where my sister and I played barmaid and waitress, serving my parents corny cocktails like screwdrivers — an actual screwdriver in an empty glass, har har har — and equally moronic meals, made of puns and odd found basement things.

By then, the box had long been gone, but it was still awesome!

And I totally want to call my sister and reminisce… Maybe over a couple of screwdrivers.