The World’s First Atomic Refuge

According to this vintage brochure for Meramec Caverns, the caverns had geological formations which would “give the greatest protection against atomic shock and radiation. A modern Noah’s Ark is anticipated.”

Killing The Messenger

There are tribes in Africa that still use a gruesome messenger service that has been practiced for centuries. When a tribesman wants to communicate with the dead, he gives his message to some unsuspecting stranger, then starts him on the way by stabbing him to death.

From a 1940’s Modern Woman magazine.

Tokyo Milk Phrenology Soap — This Is Not Word Salad!

“There is too such a thing as Tokyo Milk Phrenology Soap,” she said, stamping her foot for emphasis.

I’m not sure why there is… But there is.

Apparently the only thing phrenological is the wrapper; but who knows, maybe the soap gets lumpy, providing the tactile pleasure of a judgmental pseudo-science with the scented hipster cleanliness that’s next to Godliness.

Big Wheel, It’s A Retro Pinup

Her sucker says, “I Ate The Whole Thing!” but what really gives the photo its zing is the fact that this pinup poses on a Mattel Big Wheel.

Photo, circa 1960s, via bondman2.

Recyle Your Underpants? Your Raggedy Underpants?!

It’s not only as bad as it looks; it’s worse!

Tamburina translates the Serbian:


1)This is underwear that you have worn for many years. They are raggedy, but it would be a shame to throw them away.

2)Old underwear can be very useful. This is how: take the scissors and remove the fabric that goes between the legs.

3) When you finish that, you will have a convenient, short shirt.

4) If you don’t believe it, look how hot the shirt looks!

Notice that there are still holes — raggedy, ratty underwear holes — in your “new” recycled shirt.


Now, I collect vintage lingerie, which means, technically, that I buy (and, yes, wear) used lingerie — but that is nowhere near “raggedy” underwear. The only holes are those made by the manufacturer, thankyouverymuch.

And thank gawd the article doesn’t go there, doesn’t mention stains.

Crap, I just did.

And I used the word “crap” – doh!