The Nostalgic Enchanted Forest At Clarkland Farm

The fun-tastic photos of the Enchanted Forest at Clarkland Farm from Lucinda Lunacy have me itching to take a family vacation… Located in Ellicott City, Maryland, the theme-park-slash-petting-zoo will open on Saturday, March 31, for the 2012 season.

My Mom Knows I Have A Thing For Elves

You can all ’em elves, brownies, imps or whatever, but I’m a sucker for them. And my mom knows it.

So why, then, is she selling this vintage plastic elf ornament when it would be such an awesome gift for me?

I can only conclude that she hates me.

Or that she’s got an even better old elf set aside for me. …It will be pretty difficult to top this elf and his amazingly shiny hiney though.