Modern Woman Mondays: Gelatin Edition

After WWII and continuing through the 1960s, an emphasis on kitschy culinary arts kept little women busy in their places: the kitchen. How else do you explain the Joys Of Jell-O?

Perhaps the best thing about the miracle of gelatin based foods was the fact that, other than boiling water, one didn’t ruin their makeup in the heat. No, I don’t think the best thing was food stuff themselves… So bright, yet so wrong. Vegetables? Waldorf Salad? Shrimp?! Even the photos of the desserts make my teeth hurt. …Although that Jell-O and ice cream gum-drop number might be worth it. For more on the miracle of gelatin foods, check out Retro Mimi (my interview with her here) and my Things Your Grandmother Knew blog.

4 thoughts on “Modern Woman Mondays: Gelatin Edition”

  1. I have a lot of old cookbooks, and a few editions of the Joys of Jello. My favorites are the savory dishes – eew! It seems like a lot of parties were burdened with slabs of Jell-O infested with pimientos, deviled ham, and chopped celery resting on beds of sad iceberg lettuce leaves.

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