1954 Was A Real Bitch For Baby New Year

In this vintage promotional piece for The Sands, Baby New Year’s bottle of 1954 was held just out of reach. …Ah, back when Vegas was for adults & not kids.

1954 sands casino teasing baby new years photo

Dining With Dino At The Riviera

The memories — and souvenirs — of dining with Dean Martin at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas in the early 70s, which includes the hotel menu.

The price of a filet mignon was just $13.50.

I’m always nostalgic for supper clubs and Dean Martin — but upon viewing the Riviera’s menu I spot the salad dressings: Roquefort, Thousand Island or French Dressing. I miss the days of such salad dressing options… Now everything is ranch. Ugh.

My dreamy sighs for the old days now include an evening at the supper club, watching Dino and enjoying a rare filet mignon with a salad with thousand island dressing.