Facehugger Skimask


Ah, it’s the time of year when the knitters in your life move from socks and blankets to scarves and headgear.   If they’re particularly creative, they’ve got something custom in the works, like this alien facehugger skimask.

knit-alien-facehugger-skimaskYou can only wear it for a few hours, because after that time you need to switch over to these guys:

alien_plushKnitters are an amazing folk: they can make almost anything you can imagine out of interlocking loops of string.   The crew of the Nostromo would have survived if only one of them could have knit an alien containment unit before things got ugly.

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To Boldly Go Where Aliens Have Already Been

We can thank New Wave Science Fiction and its experimental “what if” nature of soft science for everything from Star Trek (and so fake Spock toys) to works which emphasized “hypothesis” of ancient human-extraterrestrial contact. It’s the last group, the sensationalized books which are the fodder of Roswell conspiracists, which seem to find me. Like this stack of retro paperbacks. Hey, Star Trek may have been the most accurate in terms of technological predictions; but Chariots Of The Gods has given us all Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. Yeah, that’s not much of a defense. But a few of them might be kind of fun to read… Or not. I can’t promise anything in any direction.

Maybe All The Alien Sightings Are Turtles

I’m completely fascinated by the turtle skull fossils at Antiques On Broadway. I want one above a doorway, like a gargoyle face looking down from above — like the alien faces abductees are always drawing. Plus, they are on sale. …Oh, honey, for just $65 we can have one in the new (old) house!

Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

Everone sing along:   “Here comes Peter Cottontail, Piloting the Weyland-Yutani survey ship Paas, responding to an unknown distress call…”  Oh, dear, things aren’t going well for the Easter Bunny this year.

As you’ll remember, xenomorphs take on characteristics of their hosts, so one can only assume that this easter-alien poops acid-filled Technicolor eggs and leaves chocolate headless humans for good little boys and girls.  Bonus:  Alien vs. Pooh.


The Aliens Are Coming! (But Don’t Worry, They’re Bringing Their Own Giant Decapitated Heads)

Itty bitty flying saucers carrying giant human heads, why worry?

The cover of Night Of The Saucers by Eando Binder, author of Menace of the Saucers; published by Unibook, copyright 1971. Artists name is really difficult to make out… Perhaps John Cayon?

Text from the back cover:


It was Earth’s darkest hour. Weak, backward, prey to attack, it could only be saved by the Vigilantes. Sci-fi writer Thane Smith and his beautiful, adored wife Miribel, had the task of discrediting UFO stories. But how could they after they ran up against a playboy-monster who could only have been created by an alien race?

Yup, it’s just moved to the top of my reading pile.