Last Minute Space Costumes

From Simple Toymaking, by Sheila Jackson (1966), how to make a “Dalek mask (for imaginary space creature).”

(Missing instructions, from next page: Protect acetate with paper and spray mask with a silver paint aerosol.

Get yourself some tinfoil and a deep purple wig, modify the bangs with a scissors, and Voila! you’re a moonbase women of UFO.

Will Linda Lee Get A Campus Cuddle-Bun?

Back in 1961, readers voted on which style of hair Linda Lee, aka Supergirl, should have; the results of that poll, published in Adventure Comics #387, revealed that the favored hairstyle was Campus Cuddle-Bun — but they were still accepting ideas.

Salvador Dali: The Boy In The Bubble

Time magazine (January 4, 1960) says Dali’s space age suit is gold, not silver as your black & white photograph reading brain might tell you. Also that article describes the Ovocipede as “a transparent plastic sphere that rolls merrily along while its operator sits comfortably.” Can anyone say “hamster ball”?

More from the April 1960 issue of Popular Mechanics:

Found via Pour 15 Minutes, which gives a date of December, 1959; the Fanantique photos are from the December 7, 1972 presentation at the Palais des glaces. (Just four years later, I would see Travolta star in The Boy In The Plastic Bubble. I probably cried.)

Normally I don’t recommend asking “why” when it comes to Dali; I believe his greatest talent ultimately lay in his ability to live life — and not asking about limits. However, it appears Dali didn’t drive and eschewed air travel until late in his life, so perhaps that’s why he invented such a mode of transportation.

Once Upon A Time, You Needed BIG Hair To Move Those Muscle Cars

Also, it was important that the bows in your ridiculously big hair match the paint on the autos you were selling; like the orange of this Dodge Swinger 340.

Photos from a 1960’s Chicago auto show via bondmad2 at ebay.