Vintage Cigarettes For Kids

In case you just thought candy cigarettes were just a thing from your childhood, know that they are much much older. Exhibit A, this vintage Gold Tip Gum package.

Made by The Sterling Mint Co., these 5 cent boxes of gum, in four flavors, date back to the 1920s — but were also used through the 1940s. And they look pretty awesome in their original store display stand. (
I’m giving mine away on Listia.)

If the “gold tip” part doesn’t convince you this is cigarette gum, check out what’s written inside the lid of the flip-top box:

The Aristocrat of Gums
Ten 5 cent Sticks
Cigarette Form

They still make candy and bubblegum cigarettes, but you rarely see them in stores. Oddly enough, I do spot the bubblegum chew in stores; infinitely grosser, in my opinion.