The Ultimate 80s Shoe

Maybe you weren’t alive and kickin’ it in the 80’s, but I was and I can assure you, both as a chick and a shoe seller at that time, that these shoes would have been flying off store shelves. Nearly every girl (and a great number of the boys) had a big — over-sized with padded shoulders — flannel shirt with such a “plaid” on it. Usually it was a bright or neon color with black, but sometimes white, off white, and pastels were married to the black too. And these slouchy flats with granny-esque buttons would have been awesome, baby.

Just think of the possibilities… Wearing your purple & black flannel under an over-sized turquoise shaker-knit sweater over black leggings, belted even, with a pair of these hot pink booties! Ah, that’s how it was done, dears. So if you want to take your retro style to the max, get these. Frankie says, “Relax, they’re on sale for just $19.99.” Sale found via Shop It To Me.

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