Creepy Vintage Chalkware Babies

So, you’re decorating the old nursery, and you think it would be awesome to hang babies on the wall? I bet you also can’t understand why the baby cries every time you tuck her in.

How about just some severed baby faces on the wall? I bet you think your baby has colic; there’s no other reason baby should cry all the time…

There are creepy chalkware babies, there are really creepy chalkware babies — and then there are racist chalkware babies. Like this vintage chalkware string-holder featuring a little African-American baby on watermelon. I may go to bed crying just having seen that.

Image Credits: 1940s Plast Plak Hand Painted Chalkware Wall Baby via Bayutiful; Vintage Chalkware Happy Baby Face and Vintage Chalkware Crying Baby Face via ephemerascenti; and the vintage racist stringholder via midwestscout.