Mod Avenger Fashions

Diana Rigg & The Emmapeeler

Here’s that Avenger girl, Dina Rigg, in the grooviest jumpsuit on your TV screen. Called the “Emmapeeler” — after the character she plays — it comes in eight colors and is made of a stretch fabric called Crimplene. T.B. Jones Ltd. of London is the manufacturer.

Those giant “Avenger” watches that Diana wears with her jumpsuits also are a British import. They come in various colors and straps, and this spring they started to appear in stores throughout the U.S. They are by Old England.

Images via; there’s no mention of what publication was scanned, however, I’m rather certain the pages came from the June 10-16, 1967 issue of TV Guide (#741).

Old England is, again, making watches. More on the vintage Old England watches can be found here. And more information on Avenger fashions can be found here.

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