Of Pandas & Puppies On Porches

I have a retro hydraulic panda chair on my porch. (What? You don’t?!)

It’s the sort used by hip and kitschy beauty salons for kids to sit on while getting a hair cut.

So, anyway, I’m out on the porch with the new puppy, a Basset Hound puppy named Mr. Oliver Puddington (photos can be seen on my Facebook page; videos are at YouTube). And I hear this noise… The softest of tearing sounds. I looked around to see what the pup had found.

There he is, at the base of the hydraulic panda chair, his nose on the metal hydraulic tube part, and I’m just in time to see him pull away — and hear the soft tearing noise as his delicate scenting-hound nose is ripped from it. Mr. Oliver Puddington just had a Christmas Story flagpole moment.

No yipes or whines. Not even when he repeated it.


While I about wet my pants.

Because puppies are slow and I guess he needed to make sure it was a bad thing to do.

Anyway, his tongue is fine. Though he still let’s it hang out of his mouth a bit while sleeping…

The better to make the oddest sucking sounds.

Puppies are weird.