Something To Match His Keyboard Tie

Why have regular epaulets when you can wear a sparkly keyboard? This retro sparkly vest has black & white piano keys across the back and sticking out on the shoulders and, because that would be too subtle, silver beaded music notes down the front. It’s totally 80s!

Images via Spitfire Vintage Clothing.

I Miss Vinyl

You might not be old enough to remember this, but back in the day, even before the Golden Age Of Album Art,  this was one of the ways you showed off your record collection and musical taste. Do that with your MP3s, yo.

Debbie Harry and Chris Stein photo via 80’s Record Party.

I Bet They Even Have That 70’s New Plastic Smell

The G.I. Brown Stripe headphones are sooo 70’s kitschy; so’s the manufacturer sales line: “No soldier on record has ever lost a battle while wearing the G.I. headphones. Ever.” (Save 40% off SkullCandy @ eBay using coupon code C40SKULLCANDY at PayPal checkout.)