Hippo Burgers

No, it’s not some new cool saying the kids have (at least my cool kids won’t confirm that it is), Hippo Burgers was a food you could, once upon a happy hippo hippie time, eat at the Hippopotamus Hamburger Restaurant.

The cool logo, as shown on this retro tee, was by Wolo von Trutzschler.

Unfortunately have no memories of this place I’d love to have dined at, we’ll have to rely on the words of others (click-ity-click the links) and ephemera like this that’s been left behind — a cute, hippo behind at that.

Ah the funk that was San Francisco ! Presenting an original t-shirt from the fabulous, beloved and sadly departed landmark restaurant Hippo Hamburgers in San Francisco, California at Van Ness and Pacific streets. Purchased at the source in 1977, lovingly worn then stored all these years. Cute cute cute full graphic of the Hippo on front with logo on back. 100% cotton/ USA made/ size medium with no tears, stains or holes. The Hippo may be history but this fun souvenir can be yours today.

Images via Good Vibes Trading.