Course of the Force

Lucasfilm, Nerdist, Octagon, and eBay have teamed up to present Course of the Force, a lightsaber relay, where participants will make a journey starting from Santa Monica (beginning on July 7, 2012) and ending ino San Diego (ending on July 11, 2012 — just in time for Comic-Con International). In conjunction with the relay, running July 7 and through July 21, there will also be Course of the Force Charity Auctions, featuring memorabilia, VIP events and experiences and other cool items. All proceeds from the race and charity auction will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

If you can’t get to the relay, that’s OK; Chris Hardwick and co-hosts will follow the action from the Course of the Force lead vehicle each day, broadcasting live to the Nerdist platform, including its YouTube channel and

Here’s a new short from Industrial Light & Magic, featuring the exclusive charity lightsaber and Chris Hardwick’s trip across Santa Monica, encountering different Star Wars™ characters along his journey.

Before Organ Sales, Your Body Had A Street Value Of 30 Cents

The following table shows the approximate composition and value of the chemicals in a body weighing about 150 pounds.

This was published in What Is My Physical Make-Up? by Rasmus Alsaker, M.D. (No. 3 ABC Series, published in the July, 1957, issue of Health Culture, The Family Health Magazine).

Dr. Alsaker says this “ultra-scientific” quote comes from “what Professor R.L. Greene of the College of Science, University of Notre Dame wrote years ago.” So I’m not sure that the 30 cent street value was accurate even in 1957. But obviously organ harvesting renders our meat more valuable than our chemical content.

Numerically Speaking Quiz (1945)

From the August 4, 1945 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, a little quiz by “Paige Reeder.”

Many numbers have special meanings, quite apart from their arithmetical value. There are a baker’s dozen of them below. How many can you interpret? Ten correct is good; if you get them all, you are just plain lucky.

I was neither good nor lucky; neither was hubby. Let’s see how you do — without cheating and searching the internet. I’ll post the answers in the next few days.

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