Never Too Late For Santa

You have to post it when you find it.

Photograph from the 1915 Midnight Frolic Ziegfeld Follies production, The Girl from My Home Town:

Most notably in this tableau of feminine beauty is Olive Thomas, seen as “New York Girl” standing beside Muriel Hudson and Margaret Morris, costumes by Cora McGeachy. This important and seductive view which really showcases the fun and allure of the Follies in the 1910s was taken by White Studios, and is a large format hand printed phoograph, never intended for public distribution.

One thought on “Never Too Late For Santa”

  1. If I ever had the chance to meet with a past life regression practitioner, I would hope the verdict would be, “Yes, indeed, you were one of The Ziegfeld girls, parading up and down flights of stairs as anything from birds to battleships –BUT MOSTLY BIRDS. You had a penchant for feathers and flocking together.”

    Thank you for featuring this lovely image!

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