Leftover Vintage Christmas And Dames & Dogs #23

Because Blogger no longer allows you to host your own blog, Kitschy Kitschy Coo made the switch to WordPress in April of 2010, as a result any comments posted at the old blogger archives do not actually get posted — but people are still talking at/about our previous kitschy posts.

Like Betty, who left a batch of comments at the end of November; the emailed notices of which were stuffed in my spam. Arg! Betty, I feel so badly that I cannot contact you or publish your comments where they belong, so I’m going to hook you up here.

(The rest of you, just consider these your holiday leftovers to enjoy.)

Betty left the following comment at Thirteen Kitschy Christmas Crafty Things:

What! They didn’t coordinate the hairspray can with the toothbrush sleeve in leopard print?? My parents owned a craft shop in the 60s and even in the 60s some of these crafts were hard to swallow. Folks also loved to decopage and bejewel those wooden purses! Whooo hoooo 60s. PS. I’m doin some serious thinkin about that colored water in jars castle and if its the last thing I do this Christmas I AM making a foil angel for the table! Thank you so much. What a fun site you have. Betty

At Thirteen More Bits 0 Paper Scans:

The snowball fort and war was priceless. Adding the poem and this must go up on my wall somewhere.

With the exception of warmer parts of the US, hasn’t everyone had at least one snowball fort fight as a kid? It usually meant snow down the neck of our underdesigned outerwear, cold wet feet, and the unfortunate icy snowball in the face, glasses and all. Livin in TX today. Maybe, maybe it’ll snow again this year. Please, please, please.

At Buying A Christmas Tree?:

Aluminum tree, covered chair, plastic drapery. Keeping it clean for baby Jesus (under the tree.)

At Old Christmas Tree Lot:

I have that Santa Claus. I could live without the dangling greens but I would so love to have the signage!!! Betty

At Thanks For The Reindeer Sweater:

This sweater is flat out fabulous!

This sweater ROCKS!! And, it happens to look extremely good on the model. I’d buy it and if it didn’t fit…I’d frame it. Very, very cool. Betty

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