Friday, January 16, 2009

You Got Massage Oil On My Sander!

...oh, wait, that's on purpose. In 1956, Dremel produced this "$14.85 brain-child," which makes the normally male-centric tool appealing to the lady of the house:
The tool, "when fitted with sandpapers, completes your handycraft projects. But when you add a massage pad, you can smooth out aching muscles" -- wait, it gets better -- "at a rate of 14,400 strokes per minute". I'm no massage conniseur, but the fastest massager I found online maxed out at 8,000 oscillations per minute. Dremel doesn't mess around. But, make sure you don't mix up the sanding pad with the massage that speed, a simple mistake could cause instant death. No gears, no brushes, no mercy. Found in the Jan 1956 issue of The Family Handyman.

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