Saturday, March 15, 2008

1959 Disneyland Candle Shop

From the 1959 Better Homes & Gardens' Christmas Ideas magazine comes this photo of Disneyland's candle shop.

Mrs. Robert Beals, and her daughter Jani, find the choice of candles fantastic and a difficult decision to make. Which one shall it be?
Well, of course it's difficult to pick just one -- even if you are allowed to be known by your own name and not as your husband's property.

I never just pick one candle. Hence I am not only a huge boon the hostess of the home candle party, but have been put on candle buying prohibition; I'm not allowed to by any more candles.

Hubby thinks having a cabinet designated just for candles is silly. This, even after he's seen my sister has an entire pantry just for candles -- which should prove that I'm really deprived, not depraved, as he believes.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thirteen Kitschy Christmas Crafty Things

Thirteen Kitschy Christmas Crafty Things

Taken from a 1965 Christmas craft publication, these are mostly made with things you have in your home -- so get busy this weekend!

Ooooooh, make Santas? Learn decoupage? From instructions on a record? Why a monkey could do it! ...A monkey who understands English, anyway. Now I want to decoupage a monkey.

The next few prove that retro 60's persons loved the tinfoil...

A tinfoil angel centerpiece:

A flaming tinfoil wreath:

Tinfoil snowman:

And my personal favorite, tinfoil kitty-cat cookie holders -- they're not just for Christmas anymore.

Make festive holiday chandeliers out of coat hangers and cone-shaped paper cups. No mention of light, but I guess I'm expecting too much from paper cups and hangers.

Or, you could go for something more dreamy & use all your clear glassware, filled with colored water, to make this castle.

I don't know that a castle is particularly "Christmas-y" but the 1965 holiday magazine has it in there...

Moving on.

A good hostess wears pretty holiday petti-skirts:

Use your flatware to make a lovely decorative, um... er, serving tray?

I guess your guests won't mind a fork that's been taped to a McDonald's tray... Then again, the house was likely set on fire by these candle holders made of paper.

Don't forget to stand at the door and hand out these gifts you've made for your guests who run from the fire...

Like this flamboyant hairspray can:

As the line says, "For the person who has everything..."

I know I'd enjoy holding a wet faux fur handle as I brush my teeth... And glitter in your teeth? Makes your guests want to say, "Oh no, you shouldn't have!"

But then they notice the guy next to you is getting a well-dressed pet rock:

Merry Kitsch-mas!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Plug In And Turn On To... Flavored Candles

This Hollywood Fudge Candle, © 1971, made by Control Tower, Hollywood, Calif. is a brown candle on wooden sticks with a paper label to further enhance the frozen-treat look.

Packaging reads:
Artificially Colored, Scented, Quiescently Poured Candles

Ingredients: Artificial flavoring (except banana and root beer) a variety of flickering, far out, absurd flavors.
More proof that the 70's were a confusing time - a fudge flavored candle? And nowhere does it say that this candle should not be ingested. Nor does it state that you ought not put the lighted candle in your lap...

I guess that's why ControlTower is no longer around. Even with such a cool tag line as "Plug In And Turn On To Bright Ideas" (What?! No, "man" at the end of that?)

The 70's were indeed a kinder, gentler time. I guess with all the drugs, no lawyers were really needed.

But still, with all the far out drugs, should flavor-tempting home decor be left near guests with munchies?

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