What's Kitschy-Kitschy-Coo?

We're a website for collectors, but not in the dry, factual sense. Sure, it's important to know why each piece of carnival glass is valuable or rare in it's own way, but after you've got three hundred pieces and start building rooms just to hold your collection, you're interest in your collectibles changes. It's no longer about value, or rarity -- you just want them. All of them. There's no longer a distinction between the collector with closets full of Ming vases and the person who collects anything with an elephant on it. The collection begins to be for the sake of collecting. We like that.

We understand that there's stories behind why you need your collection. We understand that you can't quite put a finger on it, but we'd like you to try. I suppose you don't have to understand it completely, but it'll be fun trying. At the very least, entertain yourself with the obsessions of other collectors; you might find you and your collection not so strange as you'd think.

A Tiny FAQ

I read the above, but I still don't get it; what is this?
This is a site for stories about collectors and their collections, and anything else we think is related to collecting. Content is updated every weekday; you can have each day's column emailed to you by subscribing to the newsletter.

Who runs this site?
The site was created by Deanna and Derek Dahlsad, website creators extraordinare. Derek and Deanna are the main editors of content on the site, and have been known to write a bunch of the content.

Who else writes articles?
Go to the Author Section to see a list of columnists.

How do I become a writer here?
You can email the big-wigs. Because content is updated daily, a large number of submitters is needed; you don't have to be a great writer, just be able to put together a few hundred words related to collecting.

Will you link to my site?
If it's related to collecting, email us. We chose links because they're related to the day's content; if we can't use the link right away, we'll hold onto it until something comes up. If it's extraordinary, we might even devote a whole column to it.

Can I buy advertising space?
As with the other links, we're trying to keep it related to the content. We won't accept ads for Cialis, dating sites, 'your computer has a virus!' or other annoying affiliates. If what you've got is collectible-related, email us and we'll consider it.

Why are you copying the venerable suck.com?
Well, we're not really copying them. Derek, in his webdesign wisdom, always saw value in the way Suck published online. It was concise, predictable, and focused on the content (rather than fitting as much junk into one screen as possible). When Kitschy Kitschy Coo was first discussed as a site, Derek saw it as an ideal application for the Suck style and format.

Why are you copying the ultra-cool McSweeney's?
The, who, now?

*goes and looks*


I'd say "Great minds think alike," but we're not as great as McSweeney's. I'd accuse them of copying Suck, too, but that'd be mean. Call it parallel evolution; I knew of McSweeney's existence, but haven't looked at their website in a long time, at least none I can remember. I didn't have their site in mind when desigining, but now that I look closer, there IS a lot of similarity. It might just be that the idea of "daily text-heavy content" leads to this one streamlined design.

I've got other questions; what should I do?
Email us!