Vintage Marionette & Puppet Publications

I love puppets, so when I noticed my folks were selling some great vintage marionette books and publications I had to look them over.

Here are some of the cool images and info (from their listings) saved for puppet posterity:

Junior League Pupper Plays, with the Grimm Fairy Tale Story "One-Eye, Two-Eye, Three-Eye" in three acts. It was adapted by Dorothy Hamilton Brush, originally cost 40 cents. Hard to determine the date of publication but there is a copyright to Samuel French of 1929. It is 26 pages long.

"Marionettes-Masks and Shadows"

It was written by Winifred H. Mills & Louise M. Dunn, illustrated by Corydon Bell, shows a date of 1941. Wonderful graphics on the inside cover and the 2nd photo shows you one is color entitled "This is the Tree of the Marionettes. It shows they started in Japan, China, India, Persia, Egypt and Java (those are the roots) and traveled to other countries. It is 262 pages long, followed by a comprehensive index.

Our 3rd picture shows you several illustrations on one page and also some photos. The top shows three characters from the "Adventures of Alice", lower left is the bear and trainer from "Men of Iron", and lastly is a Marionette from "Petrouchka."

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This is Vol. 1, No. 3 of "Clippo Capers", a newsletter for puppeteers. The cover is a great find for those into "black memorabelia" because it shows a pair of marionettes. They are black, a little boy and girl. He has a little had, and holds a carving knife. She rests on a large watermelon with a "first prize ribbon." Inside the cover is a "Dear Club member" note. We learn that girl is Liza Lee and the boy is Lucifer. The note is from Virginia Austin, who we presume wrote the newsletter or brochure. There is a section called "Stringology" with tips on how to control the puppet's head, body, etc. There is also an Act I play - it shows Clippo, who we see is a clown marionette.

There is also a Four-Act Play called "Mischief" starring Clippo and Emily Ann. There is also an article on the Farragut Marionnete Club of Joliet, Illinois. We found no date on the booklet but we see a section that has Clippo asking if boys and girls are doing what they can to support "this war" and recommend Buying War Bonds. So we presume it was from World War II, the 40s. The back page has "Clippo Capers - published by the Clippo Club, 200 Fifth Avenue, New York City." There is also an idea for a roll drop stage.

The Glove Puppet Book. We found no dates inside - hard to believe, but it was made in England and we'd say the 1920-30s or thereabouts. It was by Rodney Bennett. Nice descriptions and pictures of puppets, stages, characters, etc.

From the wonderful picture on the front, all through this 140 book, you'll fall in love with puppetry! It is called "The Puppet Theatre" and is by Jan Bussell.

Illustrations are by Francis Gower and they are superb! Printed by Faber & Faber of London, England, there is a note "first published in Mcmxlvi" and "Second impression April Mcmxlvii" which we assume this to be. Extremely informative book - from carving a head, to Horizontal Perch, to Masking In, to a Stage for Home, you'll find it very helpful in your puppetry/hobby.

1944 copyright - published by Binney & Smith, New York, NY. It is called "The ABC of Puppetry" by Helen M. Douglas. Very clean, no writing, rips, etc.

This volume was 'prepared for those art teachers who know not the magic of the puppetry world..." Inside are 44 pages on how to build a puppet, a stage and operation of marionettes, etc.

1936 copyright - published by T.S. Denison & Company of Chicago, Illinois. It is called "Punchinello Puppet Plays" and offers 12 short plays for the intermediate and grammar grades. It was by Effa E. Preston. It is 212 pages long, just filled with ways to produce a puppet show!

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