Big Toe Joe

Last weekend we went to rummage sales and I got myself Big Toe Joe.

Big Toe Joe, as you can see, is named for his uncanny look-alike status with a (very tan) big toe -- OK, a (very tan) big toe wearing a wig, and some denim overalls... But he looks like a big toe to me.

Big Toe Joe Folk Art Doll

I spotted Joe on a table of miscellaneous stuff. All I saw was the denim pocket -- which as you can see here, is his butt -- and I flipped him over to have a better look-see.

Big Toe Joe's Pocket Butt

To my utter delight, and I cannot stress 'delight' enough, I found Big Toe Joe's face. Or what is left of it, as it seems his eyes have been plucked out.

As soon as I saw Joe's face I began to laugh. Really laugh. I laughed so hard, tears formed. I knew I had no bargaining power left with such happy tears dropping onto my cheeks, so I marched over to pay full price -- $1.

Completely giddy, I told the lady, "I hope this doesn't offend you, but I'm going to name him Big Toe Joe because he looks like a toe."

Her jaw dropped and she said, "Oh, I really love him..."

I said, "Me too! He's already got a name!" and handed her the dollar bill before she could change her mind.

(But lady, if you really loved him -- like I love him -- he wouldn't be for sale at any price.)

Once mine I carried him to the van, laughing all the way. Laughing so hard tears poured down my cheeks. The girls sat in the back of the van, cringing. (Apparently I embarrassed everyone -- everyone but Big Toe Joe, who loves my public displays of affection.)

Clearly a handmade item, Joe is made of what looks like an old sueded moccasin or slipper and salvaged denim jeans, and a few left over bits of orange leather strips. His hair has a very distinct texture (and a bit of an as-of-yet unrecognizable odor) and a crazy-man style. Oh how I love him!

Every time I look at Big Toe Joe I still laugh.


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