Go West -- Johnny West

A few weeks ago I got a great deal on a box of vintage Johnny West toys by Louis Marx & Co.

Vintage Louis Marx & Co. Series

Since then, Johnny et all have been popping up everywhere...

I even got the rare Marx buffalo.

Vintage Marx Bison

It's weird finding this much of one series in such a few weeks. In fact, it's more than hubby and I combined have seen before.

In talking about it today, he said when he had the Geronimo he had always assumed that it was an educational toy because it was so much more realistic than the standard 'white guy in Indian costume.'

I had Comanche with the head the moved and articulated legs, and my sister had the buckskin with the bending and turning neck. As girls we just played with them as horses and with our Barbies -- I didn't know (or care to know) that there was a whole set of figures which went with them.

At first I wasn't going to list the tail-less horses, but then when I've been looking around, it seems many are doing custom work and perhaps someone can use left-over fashion doll pony tails to make "real" horse tails. *wink*

So far, I've only listed about 30 of the items, with plenty more to go. So if you're looking for something, just let us know.

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