Dioramas & Logorrhea

I have this smallish wooden CD holder which we've converted into a shelf in my 'work space.' It's rather useless, as are most of those "let's get organized" impulse buys (for it's only when you spend a few hundred bucks and get a whole system that these crates, holders and things are of much use). Anyhooo...

I decided to put a few of my smaller chotchkes there, and the next thing you know, I have created some dioramas!

From left to right we have...

This is my "dream a little dream" section. It has my dream car, an AMX Javelin, the figurine my eldest daughter made of Lilo & Stitch, and a one-armed guy who looks like he's crying (he sure needs to be around positive things). It also has a Burger King bobble head -- if they sold those giant heads, hubby would be wearing one during sex -- hubba! (Yes, he knows about that fantasy... And loves me anyway.)

In the middle, there is real story action. A vintage rubber baby rides on the back of a giant sea turtle (made by daughter Destiny -- of Destiny's Book Review fame) to Easter Island (a handmade item from the thrift store which I could not leave there unloved). Tigger waves good-bye from the shore, next to a miniature evergreen tree we found while out walking one day.

Last, but not least is what hubby would give me of his original Star Wars figurines -- just the 'animals' are all I adore. (While I am thrilled with Yoda, I am missing Chewey...) Included is the large-by-comparison vintage chalk dog, the little naked Eskimo baby (from a headless momma doll's rabbit fur sling) and the most recent addition, a vintage made in Japan S&P shaker of a cat in a king's robe. He reminds me of the lion in Disney flicks, but other than that, I have no clue... Perhaps, like the desired small hat for a chalk dog figurine with damaged ears, the mate will show up one day.

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