Going For The Dogs

When I first got my Great Dane puppy I became an avid Dane collector.

Like most dog owners, I was so in love that I found any image of its likeness intoxicating. As a result I went on eBay and searched for any & all vintage objects of the breed. I was a little over-zealous, and ended up with a few duplicates here and there, but it didn't stop me really.

Cadet Sweets Great Dane Trading Card

Back then, in the early days of eBay, there wasn't the volume there is now. (Now it would likely take me days to get through that category, let alone just doing a search for "Great Dane".) Great Dane items aren't as common as other dogs, so the hunt was part of the thrill. Especially finding old plaster pieces and paper prints, ads etc.

Vintage Chalk Great Dane

My Dear Dane Dog has passed on, and while no new dog can take his place, other dogs have entered my life. Currently, we have a mutt and a Cairn Terrier. I'll never find objects which look like my dog Ween (and my collection of Ween CD's is how he got his name), so I focus more on the Cairn.

True Cairn objects are not easily found either. Especially the vintage varieties. Most often I content myself with Scottish Terrier items because in profile on say a jadeite butter dish they look similar enough. (My parents do the same with their Westie.)

Reproduction Jadeite Scottie Items

But every now and then I find a true Cairn item -- and then, due to the rarity, they are usually priced outside of my price range. (Or I could forgo food and toys for Toodles Squirrel Face Davidson III, but she wouldn't like that!)

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