Pop Tart was raised in a family of antique collectors and dealers. Her childhood was filled with the obligation to wake early on weekends and dig through the tossed-away bits of other peoples' lives. As you could imagine, this wasn't always fun for a child, but it taught her many important skills for her own future as a conniseur of old things.

Happily, she was able to use these skills in the service of her other interests: vintage clothing, pin-up art, nudie magazines, pulp novels, and anything else that made the women of yesterday look sexy. It has also given her an unnatural appreciation for the ugliest of 1970s furniture, a way to justify her obsessions in the guise of being an antique dealer, and the biggest unintentional collection of stuffed Smurfs in North America.

The creation of this site warms the hearts of many at Backwash.com, where as GlamKitty, she writes a column, all too often dedicated to her collecting passions. (Now she will be able to return column content to the more practical matters of pop culture & girlie things.)

Any rumors that she found her husband at a thrift shoppe are unfounded.

Posts By This Author:
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