Vintage Marionette & Puppet Publications

I love puppets, so when I noticed my folks were selling some great vintage marionette books and publications I had to look them over.

Here are some of the cool images and info (from their listings) saved for puppet posterity:

Junior League Pupper Plays, with the Grimm Fairy Tale Story "One-Eye, Two-Eye, Three-Eye" in three acts. It was adapted by Dorothy Hamilton Brush, originally cost 40 cents. Hard to determine the date of publication but there is a copyright to Samuel French of 1929. It is 26 pages long.

"Marionettes-Masks and Shadows"

It was written by Winifred H. Mills & Louise M. Dunn, illustrated by Corydon Bell, shows a date of 1941. Wonderful graphics on the inside cover and the 2nd photo shows you one is color entitled "This is the Tree of the Marionettes. It shows they started in Japan, China, India, Persia, Egypt and Java (those are the roots) and traveled to other countries. It is 262 pages long, followed by a comprehensive index.

Our 3rd picture shows you several illustrations on one page and also some photos. The top shows three characters from the "Adventures of Alice", lower left is the bear and trainer from "Men of Iron", and lastly is a Marionette from "Petrouchka."

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The 60's Are Little Fuzzy In My Mind

Spectacular images via Fabulon.

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The Widow Was Not Merry; Or, Poets Must Have Beards

Sometimes I find the not-so-perfect conditions of a collectible most charming. As in the doodle on this old piece of sheet music.

The previous owner of The Merry Widow Waltz felt that Jesse Crawford, "Poet of the Organ", needed a beard and mustache. Who am I to argue?

Merry Widow Waltz, with Ukelele Chords, Guitar Chords, and Special Hawaiian Guitar Chorus, lyrics by Carl Field, music by Franz Lehar, 1935, Calumet Music Co.

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