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Bill Wadhams Interview, Part Two

I love interviews that allow you to ask real questions, or is that interviewees who allow you to ask the questions, and answer them?

Anyway, Bill Wadhams, of Animotion allowed both. If you missed it, you can read Part One first.

Here's Part Two of the Interview:

Who & what were your musical inspirations?

Barbershop quartets, my parents, the Beatles, Clapton, BB King, Kool & the Gang, the Police.

What album/CD do you think everyone should have in their collection?

Miles Davis Ė Blue
Some of the best musicians of all time in an amazing session.

Is there one 'earworm' song that you'd like to mention, warn others of, kill or berate?

I love R&B but get tired of the overused lyrics.

What was your family's take on you being in a band in the 80's... Eye liner & all?

My family has always been very supportive. It allowed my brother Tad and me to succeed. Tad went on to play bass and write with Sheryl Crow.

I have read you are married & have a family... What do your children think of Dad the 80's Pop Star?

My brother, Andy, said it best; "I just saw your video and I canít tell if itís really cool or really silly". Thatís the story of my life.

My kids think itís pretty cool now. 80ís is in for the time being. During the early 90ís it was not too cool. They didnít care to tell their friends about what Dad did. Now that are happy to.

Are any of them into the music biz? Would you want them in music?

My sons Charlie and Chris have a band in L.A. That has just put out a CD on Sea Level Records. Itís called REX AQUARIUM Ė Privacy. They put a picture of their Mom and me (with 70ís mustache) on the cover from our wedding day. I got all choked up. Their friends say, "I didnít know your dad was Latino!" (Website located in the links below!)

My daughter Natalie plays Violin and sings. Sheís 13.

What have you been doing since the band ended?

Iíve continued to write music and record. I had a band in Portland called Black Barrel for a couple years. Now Iím ďsoloĒ again. Iím on the bill with Psychedelic Furs and Berlin this weekend.

And it is at this point that Bill has to dash-out. But don't worry, I believe him when he says we'll finish this at a later time. (And then I ask for the real dirt on why the band broke up, the truth about the reunion -- and hope I get real answers. I think I will. After all, they guy spoke about eye liner & gladiator suits...)

Article by Pop_Tart


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