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Big-Eyed Masters: The Big-Eyed Craze of the 1960s and the Artists Who Made It Happen
Big-Eyed Grrls

What is it about those drawings of big-eyed girls. Can you remember those old '70s prints by Keane, Eden, Maio and Goji? The modern Bratz and PowerPuff Girls aren't that different, they use the same basic theme. No wonder I catch myself pulling them off the store shelves for a better look. I've had some kind of kitschy fetish for those big-eyed girls since I was a kid.

These days you can find them in the odd garage sale, flea market and Goodwill. Ebay too, but then there's shipping involved. Of course, you can find the new big-eyed types in your local department store, appearing on school supplies and girl's fashions near you.

If you have time to let the page load for a long time, you can see some of the original big-eyed girls from Margaret Keane. The Keane Eyes gallery shows a lot Margaret's waifs. But, those aren't the same big-eyed girls that were hanging in my girlhood bedroom. Mine were prints done by Eden, Maio and Goji. The girls were young women and often wore a harlequin outfit. Those are harder to find information about. There is a fan site for the big-eyed art. That's how I found names for them at all. I couldn't find more yet the artist's are likely still around. The '70s weren't that long ago, right?

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