Kitschy-Kitschy-Coo - the quick red fox jumped over the lazy dog.

the quick red fox jumped over the lazy dog.

I buy animals with wheels. Most people don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Usual refrain: Say what? Again, animals with wheels? Live animals? ... no that's just sick.

It all started in Fargo, ND, where I was born & raised. My husband grew up across the river in MN, and we lived on my husband's family farm for the first ten years of our marriage. We quit farming and moved to Fargo, and met our new next door neighbors: Rhienhold & Edna, an elderly couple. Rheinhold was retired from the college, and took on woodworking as a hobby.

He and his wife loved our kids. Rheinhold gave our two sons road graders, all carved from wood, no metal stuff. Our daughter, the youngest, got a rocking horse whose hooves clacked when rocked. I received an owl to hang keys on. They gave our children yard birds: An eagle, a cardinal, with those wings that twirl, and a goose with a long metal neck that bounced in the wind...

...and the Red Fox. He's about a foot long. The Red Fox has a painted smirk on his face, along with a black nose, eyes and eyebrows! Go figure. The Red Fox wobbles on his dowled wheels -- on purpose.

The Red Fox moved with us, from Fargo, ND, to Sidney, MT, to Hereford, TX, to Dalhart, TX & Riverton, WY -- until we moved back home to Fargo last year.

I have 33 Animals On Wheels so far, but only one seal. I have them in the office and I just turned to see what is there. Omigosh, they always amaze me. I have a cow & sheep from Hereford,Tx -- more cows live there than people, really. Most people (family, friends, casual visitors) don't really notice them, which is why I probably don't have a gazzilion of them.

One of my favorites is a sterling silver hobby horse. He's only 2" tall but very intricate. He's probably the only one I may have paid full price for.

I have rabbits pulling little rabbits in wagons, a rabbit on a wheeled platform, rabbits pulling empty wagons, and a rabbit driving a carrot car. For some reason they all seem to be wearing ribbons or clothes!

I have a koala, as in bear. But it's not a bear, that's always annoyed me. It's not a bear -- he only has three wheels, he's trikoala!

I have a chicken, a duck, a goose, a moose, a giraffe, a stegasaurus (really), two whales, an orca in a snow dome on a red wagon...what were they smoking -- the other whale is painted blue & missing his eyes. He's quite large with massive wheels.

O.K. let's end this madness. I have: eight cows, ten rabbits. Only one cat. I have two dogs. One appears to be from the early 1900's, but it's not. My other dog came from a hospital gift shop, just this year. Keep your eyes open, the animals are on the move.

Article by K.C.

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