Here There Be Bears

Vintage “Royal Road” map with cute icons from a promotional travel guide of the Chequamegon District of Upper 13, the scenic highway of Northern Wisconsin; circa 1942. This center map has other cute graphic icons for fishing, hunting, golfing, swimming, etc.

The World’s First Atomic Refuge

According to this vintage brochure for Meramec Caverns, the caverns had geological formations which would “give the greatest protection against atomic shock and radiation. A modern Noah’s Ark is anticipated.”

Vintage Norwegian Travel Hanky

A vintage “how the Norwegians say it” hankie, presumably so you could politely pretend to sneeze while figuring out what to say — or what was being said to you — on your trip to Norway:

In case the images don’t make things clear (and they didn’t for this person of German descent), here’s a translation (courtesy of hubby, who is of Norwegian descent):

tusen takk = thank you
skål = cheers
pen pike = pretty girl
jeg elsker deg = I love you
værsågod = you’re welcome
god tur = nice trip
morn = ‘morning!
takk for maten = thank you for the meal

While discussing this vintage handkerchief, hubby noted the crosses on all the helmets…

“It’s so you can tell them from the Vikings,” I said.

“Norwegians were Vikings,” he replied.

Über fail for me.

Hanky found at HANKIESANDMORE.