Big Wheel, It’s A Retro Pinup

Her sucker says, “I Ate The Whole Thing!” but what really gives the photo its zing is the fact that this pinup poses on a Mattel Big Wheel.

Photo, circa 1960s, via bondman2.

Modern Woman Monday: What Little Girls Want For Christmas In The 50s

From the Aldens Fall and Winter catalog (1957-58), “Girls’ Jr. Homemaking Toys — Let her learn to do things all by herself.”

The Marx Toys three piece kitchen set, stove, sink and refrigerator, $4.99. The Jr. Coca-Cola Dispenser, $2.79.

Craft Scan Friday: Make Paper Furniture For A Doll House

The author’s advice: “Old shoe boxes make excellent houses.” (I think she means for dolls, not the homeless; but in this economy, perhaps we might consider some of the options.)

Wouldn’t it be ironic to make paper furniture for your vintage paper dollhouse from the pages in this book?

From Play With Paper by Thea Bank-Jensen; Scholastic Book Services © 1962 (my copy is the third printing, July 1973).

The Stove Will Come Out, Tomorrow

That’s what I was singing in my head when I spotted this vintage Little Orphan Annie metal toy stove at an auction. Yeah, hubby prefers I keep such things to myself — which is why I was only singing in my head. But isn’t that what blogging’s for?

Given what I see at eBay, this toy was made by Marx.

Man, I love Marx toys.  …Maybe I can find a way to work them into the chorus! Because now that song is most definitely back in my head.


When I spotted this vintage pink Tom Thumb cash register at the Moorhead Antique Mall, my bell was rung and I was instantly transported back to playing with a sooo-retro turquoise version…

Mainly that old toy cash register was used to ring up sales in the basement bar, where my sister and I played barmaid and waitress, serving my parents corny cocktails like screwdrivers — an actual screwdriver in an empty glass, har har har — and equally moronic meals, made of puns and odd found basement things.

By then, the box had long been gone, but it was still awesome!

And I totally want to call my sister and reminisce… Maybe over a couple of screwdrivers.